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"Empowering people to live fulfilling lives in their own homes through the provision of personalised assistance delivered with kindness and compassion."

Our Story

HALo was born in 2023 purely and simply out of a son’s love for his mother...

For a number of years, I saw my Mum’s health deteriorate as Alzheimer’s took its toll on her mind. It was clear to my brother and I that her relatively low-maintenance property was too much for her to cope with on her own and we found ourselves facing the very difficult decision concerning Mum’s long term care.

Mum was adamant that she didn’t want to leave the reassuring familiarity of her home environment. I knew that to force her to move would take a huge toll on her both mentally and emotionally, but at the same time, we couldn’t escape the painful reality that her home had become too much for her to manage and that, as a result, she was no longer taking proper care of herself.

Why choose HALo?

You have spent many years living and enjoying your home, making your surroundings a reflection of you and we appreciate the comfort and familiarity that remaining in your own home brings.

Care and nursing homes are wonderful establishments operated by equally wonderful people but most of us simply don't want to be there, yet anyway. HALo is the answer to keeping you in the home of your choice.

A solution to keeping you in your home is simple; we look at you and your needs; we look at your property and its needs; and we devise a package of support to keep you in your home for as long as possible.

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